Wednesday, September 3, 2008

eMi Orientation

On Friday, August 22 we arived in Colorado Springs. We spent a couple of days in Colorado Springs hanging out with Lindsey's brother Josh and our friends Tom and Ali and their beautiful baby boy, Eli. It was a blessing to hang out a couple of days in the Mountains with friends and family.

On Sunday, August 24 we started our orientation at "The Hideaway" in Colorado Springs. We met the entire team of eMi interns for the fall. Our team going to Uganda includes: Anna K., Gabe, Michael, Nick, Anna B., Jennifer, Lindsey & Myself. Michael, Nick, Anna B. and Jennifer will be in the eMi Kampala office while the rest of us will be in the eMi Jinja office.

Orientation week was a lot of fun and a huge blessing. We did a lot of team building activities including rock climbing, ultimate frisbee, a challange course and a long, beautiful hike in the mountains. Our days were packed from 7:00am-10:30pm. We had a lot of time with eMi full time staff being trained in the following areas: culture, poverty, missions, water engineering, architecture, and structural engineering. We also took personality tests where we were able to learn a lot about ourselves and a lot about our team. For any of you who have taken the disc personality test, I (Peter) am an Sc and Lindsey is an Is. We had a lot of time to spend in the word and with other couples in a Bible Study. We also Friday afternoon at a local soup kitchen where we were able to minister to the people of Colorado Springs. Basically, our week was jam packed with awesomeness.

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Karen said...

We are excited to hear all about your adventyure... hope all has been well these first few days in Africa.
Thank you for using your talents for God. You are loved a lot!