Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on life here in Jinja

Time seems to fly by here, even more so than in the states. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Uganda for 2 weeks already. Things have now started to settle down and fall into somewhat of a routine. We are both keeping busy in different ways. I (Lindsey) have begun to make contacts with different school and orphanages. It has been really exciting. I'm pumped to be a part of the beginnings of a program. The Lord is really moving in awesome ways here! Peter is very busy with design stuff. He is currently in the process of designing and building scaffolding for a building that Arise Africa is renovating. The difference in resources here and in the states is pretty crazy!! I mean, he is building scaffolding out of Eucalyptus trees with his own hands and then he will be the one to climb on it and do inspections...only in Africa!! We love it though! I’ll let Peter fill you in on more details of his work here when he has some time.

Outside of work, we have enjoyed hanging out with Gabe and Anna. We have also been able to hang out with Paula and John quite a bit too, especially me (Lindsey). A large part of my ministry here, outside of AAI, is to assist Paula with things. I LOVE it! She’s a fun woman and we get along great, not to mention, Zach and Zane are adorable too! She’s been a huge blessing!!

This past weekend we traveled to Kampala, where we were able to hang out with some of our other teammates-Michael, Anna, Jennifer and Nick. It was great fun! Saturday, I started the day off by running for the first time in Uganda, and let me just say, I thought that my lungs were going to fly out of my chest while I ran up and down and up and down massive hills, not to mention, I’m not used to the altitude change yet. I’m sure I’ll do it again soon though. I’m just thankful that Jinja is not as hilly. After running, we all went to Entebbe Botanical Gardens where Peter and I ate a whole fish together (we’ll post pictures of it later!). It was tasty, but crazy! Our waiter thought we were silly for not eating the head, but we told him that we saved in for him, so he ate it.

After touring around the gardens, we traveled back to Kampala and had an AWESOME dinner at Roma Café. It’s an Italian restaurant that specializes in pizza and pasta. We followed dinner up with a nice small cup of gelato and then went back to the Crawford’s (an eMi family) and chatted until midnight. Overall it was a nice weekend of spending quality time with friends. I think that I can speak for the both of us when I say, we are thankful to be living in Jinja instead of Kampala. It’s just more peaceful in Jinja!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are loving life in Jinja! Never was there a doubt in my mind that God would bless the socks off you both! So fun reading your updates and picturing you in Africa. Miss you like crazy!