Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prayer Requests

Please praise God with us for all that He is doing in us and through us. You can praise God for how He has been at work within our marriage. He is teaching us a lot about each other and about ourselves and drawing us closer together as a couple.

Please continue to pray for Lindsey and the work she is doing here. She has finished visiting orphanages and schools and is now compiling all of the information that she has gathered. Pray that she would be motivated and have wisdom into how to write the manuals and policies for the children's center.

Please pray for safety for me (Peter) as I inspect the trusses in the pastor's training center. There are potential dangers that come along with this work, so please pray that God would protect me.

Also, tomorrow I will be traveling to the stone quarry. It is about 7 hours total of public transportation. Pray that God would protect me as I travel.

Please also pray for Arise Africa International, the ministry that we are partnering with here in Jinja. The president of the ministry is currently in the States traveling around and raising money for the different ministries. Pray that the Lord would provide the necessary resources to do what He wants to accomplish here in Africa through Arise Africa. Also pray for safety for Godfrey and his wife Joy as they travel. Also pray for their children as mom and dad are away from them for roughly 5 weeks.

Please pray for safety here at the office. Last week the office property was broken into at night. Nothing valuable was taken and no one was hurt. Please pray that the Lord would continue to protect us and those we work with.

Please pray for the other couple on our team here in Jinja. They have a lot of big life-changing things happening in their life right now that need prayer. Pray that Gabe would be able to find a job. He has submitted a couple of applications and he is waiting to hear back. Anna is considering leaving here 2 weeks early to prepare for some of these life-changing things, which we were asked to not share at this moment. We will keep you posted on these things.

Please pray for wisdom as Lindsey is trying to decide what she would like to do when we return to the U.S. She has a couple of ideas. Please pray that the Lord would give her excitement and direction in what to pursue.

Please pray for a couple of friends that we have made here in Uganda. Aliseous is a friend I met who has shown interest in becoming born again. The challenge is that he lives in Kampala and I live in Jinja. Last time we were in Kampala he was not. Please pray that we would be able to connect next time we go to Kampala. Also pray that we would be able to connect him with the local church there in Kampala. Roman is another friend that we made here in Jinja. He showed an interest in reading the Bible, but said that he did not have one. Lindsey and I went and bought him a Bible and he was very grateful. Last time I saw him he said that he was reading it. Pray that he would continue to read the Bible and that I would pursue him and have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with him.

Please pray for God’s healing for the children at Amani Baby Cottage, where we have been volunteering. One little boy, Micah, recently got malaria. Pray that he would heal quickly. Also, Zahara (The baby in the picture with me) is HIV positive and has been very sick recently. She was admitted into the hospital this past week and taken out due to poor quality of care. I am told that she is doing better. Pray that God would continue to heal her little body.

Our friend Michael is traveling back to Chicago this week for a wedding. Pray for safety as he travels. Also pray for our friends Josh and Julie, the bride and groom. Their wedding is on November 15.

Please pray for Lindsey’s health. She has been battling flu-like symptoms for about 4 or 5 days. Pray that her health would be renewed.

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